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    Anybody knows if Treo 750 would support a 4GB mini SD card?? Is it compatible?? I was thinking of buying 4GB sanDisk miniSD if it does.....
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    Yup, get the utek 4gb mini from ebay.
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    Officially Palm states the Treo only supports a 2GB MiniSD card. I believe the hardware also will not support the new SDHC MiniSD cards, which are the ones that the name brand companies are producing in 4GB sizes. You can find off-brand 4GB MiniSD cards that are not SDHC for around $30 to $40. Do so only if you don't mind making the gamble. Most people report they don't work or that they'll work for a few days and then get corrupted.

    My experience with such a card is as follows. Step one is to get it formatted on a Windows PC in FAT32 format. Some card readers will complete the format successfully, others won't. Once it was formatted, I had it working fine in the phone but in 1 to 4 days it would get corrupted and become unreadable. Did that routine twice and decided I could live with a 2GB card which works flawlessly.

    BTW, I am retrying the 4GB card because I got a warrantee replacement phone (no more dropped calls!) and I'm wondering if this phone (which is definitely a newer model) will run the 4GB card reliably. I'm not expecting it too but it is worth a shot. One day into the experiment and so far so good.
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    You'll find lots of threads here from people who tried 4GB cards. I don't recall reading any that indicated success.
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    I have had my card for 3 months with no problems.
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    Spartan081, consider yourself lucky. You are the first person I have heard state they got a 4GB card working for any length of time.

    My last try to get it to work just failed on the 2nd day during an ActiveSync. I have apps open a lot that use files stored on the card and I think that the continuing read/write (perhaps aided by ActiveSync) leads to the failure.

    I'm back to a reliable 2GB card and will not attempt to get the 4GB card working in the phone again.
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    I also have apps loaded on my card. So far so good. I'll let you know in another 3 months.
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    4GB SDHC cards work fine if you have the new windows mobile 6 rom.

    If not.......

    Here is a 4gb miniSD card that works with 2003/WM5/older OS & devices
    From the site........
    "these cards are NON-HC (High-Capacity) and will work with most of the devices that the 4GB miniSDHC do not work with"
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    is 4gb the Highest cap that mini sd makes?? or is there a 8??
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    I think SanDisk is making some HCSD cards that support 4 and 8GB too, but they can only be used in phones which are compatible with HCSD standard. I am no expert on this, you can search google for info abt it.

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