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    I have a problem getting whole web pages when I go online or logging into certian websites. I can go to but it only loads a some of the page. I can go to but it doesnt load the button to hit log in to your act. Same thing with Myspace, The page loads but when i type in my username and password the page just refreshes back to the original. This happens on many other pages as well. Any Idea?
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    I have been having the same problem with myspace on IE. I also have sprint.
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    Have you tried Opera? I had exactly the same problems with IE and switched to Opera, works excellent. I noticed that webpages that use ASP behave very weird with IE. Funny ASP is a Micro$oft creation and one would expect that IE and ASP would play nice together, but this does not appear to be the case.

    Opera has a very nice feature, you can set how it is identified to the server side, either as a mobile browser or as a desktop. Great feature for fussy websites like accuweather(pro).

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