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    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a Treo 750 for work and it's wonderful (except for the GoodLink). Since I'm used to using a wired headset, the standard stereo headphone from Palm works great. However, it seems to switch between headset and regular phone mode whenever a phone comes comes in?

    Has anyone ever experience this issue? The headset would work great when i'm talking with someone. But when there is another incoming call, the treo would alert the screen and switch the phone from headset to handset mode, cutting out the wired headset I have.

    I originally thought that I have a bad headset, but it works great when there is no incoming calls.

    Any thoughts?

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    Okay, I just realized that the normal 2.5mm headset (non-stereo) works fine with call waiting. Only stereo OEM Palm ones are having issues.


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