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    I am having a little bit of an issue here now with ActiveSync. I am using an exchange server( and have been using the push email setting aka "As Items Arive" option in ActiveSync. This worked fine for the last year. The last few weeks I noticed my battery always seemed to die on me. I looked into it and found that ActiveSync was syncing every few minutes regardless of any new items arriving. Also regardless of what the "Schedule" settings are. I have it set to "Manually" and it still syncs on it's own every few minutes. If I set it to 2 hours I get the same result.

    I have removed the exchange server and re-added it. Same result. Anyone fight this issue before and find out the cause of it? I know a hard-reset will probably fix it but I am more interested in finding out why this is happening.

    Is a registry setting not getting set? Where is the value of sync intervals in the registry? Somewhere in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\ActiveSync\?
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    Not sure why that would do that, mine has worked fine, have you tried to reformat your TREO?
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    Had the same problem. I had to hard reset and reload all prior settings manually (did not want to use backup for fear that backup would recreate the problem). Set schedule to sync every 5 minutes. After about a week, I changed the settings to sync as items arrived, and it worked fine. Sync as items arrived did not work right after the hard reset... Don't know why...
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    Did you ever get this issue fixed? I have been having the same problem.
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    I finally resolved this issue. It turns out that when I set my IMAP account to check every 30 minutes, it was triggering my activesync constantly. Its too bad it took a hard reset to figure it out.

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