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    Hello all and I have searched but have not found the resolve for my issue

    This issue is regarding system sounds on the 700wx. When I lower the sound meaning the chirps and beeps when opening up programs; my alerts also turn off.. How can I stop the chirps and stuff but still get my alarms (events, messages)? Please assist, and thank you in advance..
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    In the Sound & Notifications seting. Un-check the "Events(warnings, systems events) box. I only check the Programs: & Notification(alarms, reminders) box.
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    ok I did that and when I sent myself a text though the switch was on and and my system sound was off I only get a vibrate; no beep (which is my alarm/notification). Am I missing anything??
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    ok I figured it out... I unchecked events (warnings, system events) and checked programs>notifications.. thanks

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