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    When i receive a new email into a subfolder of the inbox, I don't get an alert or a tone, and it says i have no unread mail. But when i physically go in to the folder list, i can see the new mail in there. Any ideas how to get the phone to tell me I have mail in there?
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    I have had a T750 since October and have found no answer to this question. My assumption has become that with EAS there is no way to get an alert for email in a subfolder. I don't claim to be an expert, but this has been my experience.
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    I use IMAP and have had the same issues with XV6700's and a Treo 700wx. The problem is with Pocket Outlook/Messaging that comes with Windows Mobile. Flexmail 2007, is the most powerfull email client available for these devices but it's FAR from being stable or reliable (can be resource hog.)

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