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    I have on only had my 750 for about a week. I set up my "comcast" POP3 account following all instructions. Heres the problem, I receive my email, however, cannot send the email. It just saves the sent email in the outbox and never sends it. I even hit "send/receive" and it still does not send.
    Problem #2: I installed ActiveSync on my XP laptop. I followerd all instructions as well however, the first time i hooked it up, it couldnt find my device. finally got it to work, but not all of the options in active sync work. Only pictures is working. My calendar cannot sync.
    Any advice is appeciated.
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    I recently have just had this happen to me as well. when you click Send/receive, does it log on etc, then give you an error message?

    I get something to the effect that it cannot d/l mssgs now, make sure you have a connection and check your email settings. WTF???????????????????

    This has happened before and I finally went to tools and set up a "new account" with all the same values as my old one and it worked for a few weeks, then it does it again.

    Anyone have a solution?

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