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    I just got a treo 750 yesterday. If i purchase the Global SAT BT - 359 will I then be able to use my device for GPS in my car? Or do I need software as well, and then I will be able to? Also, I am looking to use the phone for golf gps which I know I would need to buy golf software for it to work, but would this be a capable GPS receiver for this? Thank you.
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    I have used the 359 with a Treo 750 and 680. It works fine. You will need to purchase software if you don't currently have any. The other option is to subscribe to Telenav for $10.00/month. The service downloads maps and POIs over your wireless connection.
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    With a 750 you can use the GPS reciever directly with Google Maps - for free. There is an option to choose to "track GPS location". Works great, though not as nice or fancy as TomTom.
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    There is also smart2go which is free without navigation but lets you download maps offline and copy them to your mini-SD card so that you don't have to be connected to the internet when using it. I've got that for out of country travel when google maps always online connection will be too expensive.
    I've just ordered a Qstarz BT818 GPS for it.
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