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    I have seen the dozens of BT headset threads on TC and many are very helpful. But I have just a few requirements for my next headset and I am hoping that some of you can recommend from first hand experience (using it with your WM Treo). My Motorols H700 turned out to be a huge disappointment in many ways.

    My biggest requirement is a MUTE function that can be enabled/disabled from a button push on the headset itself. I am on hours of conference calls a day and sometimes I don't speak for 5 to 10 minutes. Now, my H700 had this function, but with one HUGE problem. To let you know that "mute" was on, it gave out an audible beep every 2 seconds that would cut out the ability to follow what was being said. I don't know what knucklehead at Motorola tested that feature and thought it was a good idea. Note: some people confuse MUTE with HOLD. By mute I mean that I can still hear the phone call but they cannot hear me (I think the HOLD feature being assigned to the left soft key is the biggest GUI flaw I have seen on the 750's...but I digress).

    Besides that I only require decent sound quality, preferably a USB-type charger interface (I don't need another proprietary charger jack), and an on/off switch.

    Does anyone have sevral months of heavy use with such a headset that they would recommend? Thanks
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    OH MY GOD... Not again.... Tell me you didnt even search.

    OK.... You're a long time poster so I will say this again. JAWBONE!!!! Sorry, no mute... but come on, its one button on the phone.
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    Thanks...for nothing. Why in the world would you take the time to post as if the answer was so obvious and then recommend a headset that doesn't meet my #1 requirement - MUTE? It would have been better not to post at all.

    Sure there are lots of threads about BT headsets. But I want one that works specifically with the 750. As I guess you are aware, different phones can be very diverse in their BT stacks, firmware and many other factors that effect their ability to successfully or unsuccessfuly support a certain headset.

    Regardless, if you think the question is redundant then move on to the next post. But don't waste our time.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    Point taken... JAWBONE works perfectly with the Treo 750. Have never tested a better headset.
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    I agree regarding the Jawbone. Amazing device.
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    I have a question regarding the jawbone. I had done some research and was ready to get it but all the cingular stores in my area are out of them. I decided to call the local store again yesterday to see if they got a shipment in. In talking with the rep, he told me that they were out of stock and it would be about 3 weeks until they got another shipment in. He said they were having problems with them and customers were returning them left and right. He said the problem was after a month or so, the noise cancelation function started to crap out. Given this was a rep (and he acutally used the phrase "whack" when describing the supposed issue with the jawbone), have any jawbone owners experienced this? He tried to push a samsung whisper (or something like that) but I wasn't really interested because I have not researched that device. If you have had problems with the jawbone, please share. Thanks!
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    Try the motorola S9 bluetooth stereo headset(reviewed on this site today). Only draw back is that the phone calls are only heard in the left ear. But you do have a mute button!
    Got mine on ebay...Enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
    I agree regarding the Jawbone. Amazing device.
    Does it have a Mute button on the headset?
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    No mute - sorry. And it also has a proprietary charger jack. But the performance as a headset is amazing.
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    Mute by tapping the play/pause button on the right ear piece!

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