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    I am new to the WM5 OS. I have used Treos for years now and have never had this kind of problem. When the phone goes to sleep, for lack of a better phrase, I lose the SD card on wake up. I have to physically remove the card and re-insert it for the phone to see it. I am using a Patriot Mini 2G. Anyone out there see anything like this and if so I would greatly appreciate a fix. Thanx.
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    Yes, it's a common occurrence..some have found luck by not storing POutlook attachments on the seems to happen very randomly...
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    To paraphrase myself from an earlier post...
    Do NOT run anything from the SD card that needs to be accessed when waking from sleep. If your today plug-ins are running from the card EXPECT problems. This is not a Palm or Treo issue. This is a Windows Mobile issue. This is one of those few areas where the Palm OS provides a much better experience than WM. Neither M$ nor the provider of the number one 3rd party email software for WM will support the storage of email on SD cards because of the way the OS handles "removable" storage. We went from Chatteremail on a 650 handling thousands of messages in dozens of folders on an sd card to just my inbox and send boxes' last xxdays stored in system memory on my WM devices (xv6700 then 700wx.) Also, keep in mind that if the device is writing to the SD card during a reset, the data on the card will seem to vanish.
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    Thanx for the advise, but unfortunately I am doing none of the above at the moment, and from the sound of things never will. I have music loaded to the card and that is about it. When the phone goes to sleep I have to re-insert it in order for the media player to see it again. It is really annoying because I can never start the music fron where I left off.
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    I found that for some reason it happens when I get push email, not consistently but often enough to have a possible tie-in.
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    I think I have the fix. I bought an SanDisk card today and have been using it all day without a problem. I just did a soft reset and it STILL saw the card after. I guess the card really does make a difference. Anyway, I do thank you again for the help.
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    Card makes a difference. Kingston was useless, now I have Transcend and it works like a charm!
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    Apparently it has a lot to do with the speed of the card. If its not fast enough the OS does not think its present when initializing after suspending.


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