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    I want to protect my treo from scratches due to accidently falling/rubbing and still use it "naked" and also be able to use leather belt case to carry it around . I dont want to use those colored silicon skins... Has anybody has any experiece with BodyGuardz or Egrips or other slim skins that stick to the body of the phone... how do they feel while holding.. are they effective and can they come off without leaving any marks????

    Any other ideas of suggestions please???
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    I have used Egrips, ShieldZone skins, and BestSkinEver skins on a number of different devices. I know a lot of people love the ShieldZone type skins but I don't really care for them. Personally I think they make the device look a little cheap. Eventually one corner will start to peel and it will look even worse. I also didn't like the way the felt. You can feel the gaps and edges of the skin while it is in your hand. That "feeling" drove me crazy after a while.Plus you have to deal with the installation which involves water, hand soap, and towels Obviously they are great for protecting the device from day to day scratches. All of ones I have used were easily removable and did not leave any marks.

    I liked the eGrips a bit more. They were easy to apply and provided a great grip on the phone. Some of them come in multiple colors including clear. These don't cover nearly as much surface area as the ShieldZone skins.

    In the end I usually end up using either a silicone skin or skin tight leather case, mostly for looks and feel. But in the end it is all personal opinion. Your best bet would probably to pick up some BestSkinsEver skins. They are cheap < $10.00 and are made of the same material as the ShieldZone skins. If you don't like them just throw it out.

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