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    Am pretty close to giving up on this thing and going back to the 755. Just experienced the ?? "loss of SD card" issue for the 4th time. Here is what usually happens:
    1. The Treo freezes/crashes for whatever reason--today it simply would not "wake-up"/"turn on".
    2. The device requires a soft reset
    3. After reset, nothing on my today screen works--nothing from Pocket Plus or Pocket Diary appears and and Pocket Diary reads, "please insert SD card".
    4. All programs stored on the SD card are unaccessible and those icons all look like a "generic rectangle", including those same icons on both the today screen plugin from Pocket Plus and via "Programs" from the "start menu".
    5. Nothing brings these settings back, multiple soft and warm resets still come back to the same mostly empty today screen.
    6. Always have to do a "restore" via Sprite backup. I do these weekly so not horribly painful, but loose all reset calendar data, phone logs, etc.
    7. Any thoughts???
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    The SD card seems to be a common theme and while I'm not saying this isn't anything else (faulty phone included) I would see if you can trigger the same issues using another SD card. What make is the SD card that you have?
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    I had problems with Kingston miniSD 2 GB card. Now I have Transcend card and it works like a charm

    Changing to Transcend is the best known for me way to cure sd-card issue.
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    Also, keep in mind that if the device is writing to the SD card during a reset, the data on the card will seem to vanish. Do NOT run anything from the SD card that needs to be accessed when waking from sleep. If your today plug-ins are running from the card EXPECT problems. This is not a Palm or Treo issue. This is a Windows Mobile issue. This is one of those few areas where the Palm OS provides a much better experience than WM. Neither M$ nor the provider of the number one 3rd party email software for WM will support the storage of email on SD cards because of the way the OS handles "removable" storage. We went from Chatteremail on a 650 handling thousands of messages in dozens of folders on an sd card to just my inbox and send boxes' last xxdays stored in system memory on my WM devices (xv6700 then 700wx.)
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    Do a good search of these forums because this comes up a lot. It seems that the size of some root files on your sd card (possibly) and the fact that when the treo goes into a sleep mode it can not read the card quick enough when it ocmes back.

    I have very little on my card and have never had the problem. Mine is a Patriot card.

    Agree with the person who said try another card and also try and make more folders.
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    Thanks for the tips everyone! I may try another card (this one is a Sandisk though and they are usually reliable). Anyways, I "fixed" it by doing a hard reset followed by a restore c Sprite Backup. Works well, but again, just wondering when it will happen again. I have Spb Diary on the card (and am moving it tomorrow to int memory), but the Spb Pocket Plus is in internal memory and it still got all messed up. Not sure why on that one. Am thinking it is a combo of WM, SD card type, and potential deficiencies/conflicts of several programs--Diary, Pocket Plus, and Informant.

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