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    I was kidding, Michael J.

    Hey Taylor, I don't mean to bug you. Did you get my email?
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    Will having my phone set to the UMTS network prevent it from spontaneously connecting to the 3G data network?

    I don't have my e-mail on auto-update, but I find that when I do sync it, the phone continually tries to reconnect itself, and it will reconnect itself if i'm not paying attention. The phone will also connect itself to the data network without me doing anything.
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    That is normal. It won't drain the battery that much faster at all if it's not actively sending or receiving data.

    If you set it to UMTS, that IS the 3G network. You'd have to set it to GSM if you want to lock out the 3G network.

    I have found my Pro's battery life to be quite excellent. And mine is permanently connected to HSDPA (most of the time), as I use Push email so as not to have to constantly have to poll my email accounts with Send/Receive. It works extremely well, and I've found that it does not drain the battery much at all.

    Hope this helps.
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    It's not so much the battery I'm worried about. I don't have a data plan and it gets expensive when the phone auto connects itself for several hours without me knowing it. I've tried to disable it, but I haven't found a way to do it. That is why I was hoping that manually setting the band would prevent that.

    I set it to GSM only earlier today to see how good of a connection I got, and for some reason every single time I got a text message it connected to the EDGE network and wouldn't disconnect unless I turned the phone off and then on again.

    I finally set it back to auto because it was getting annoying turning my phone off and on all the time.
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    this thread is great if you have a funky signal. if its consistantly switching from edge to 3g then it will suck out the battery power like your favorite porn star. in this case it is best to use this tactic to keep a steady signal weather it be 3g or edge. other wise if battery issue is a big thing for you then you just need to buy an extended battery simple as that. man up. drop the cash and stay away from tinkering.
    this is the one i use when i know i will be using my treo to stream music or will be going on a vegas trip (4hr drive)
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