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    I am a current user of the BlackBerry 8100 and 8800 for T-Mobile. Although these devices are lacking in a few areas, they seem to be a well made product. I am a flight attendant and for obvious reasons, I find the fact that BBs do not automatically update time according to the time zone in which I happen to be. Also, the alarm clock is a joke - useless. There is no effective way to integrate the calendar to my Outlook or gMail.

    I've finished my contract with T-Mo and am looking to move to Cingular with the Treo750. I'm really impressed with the specs and its 3G capabilities. I tether a lot for those layovers I don't get WiFi or I get charged for it. I'm wondering if there are any users here that went from a BlackBerry to a Treo product who absolutely LOVE it. Also, any information regarding the automatic time zone update and alarm clock would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much in advance.
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    I have both the BB 8700 for work, and I have a Treo 750. I do prefer the Treo, my BB is pretty boring to me, but it's a work phone so I have no choice there. The Treo is my personal.

    One thing I loathe about BB email is that the email times/dates are from when you receive the email, not the time/date it was sent.
    So if you turn it off for a 5 hour flight, then turn it on at say 8:30pm. All of your email queued up will download to the phone and they'll all show 8:30pm, all 15-25 of them or whatever. I simply don't understand this.

    On WM it will "sync" (mirror) the inbox it's retrieving from.

    The Treo 750 does have a check box setting which sets the clock from the AT&T wireless network:
    "Enable Local Network Time"

    "Use network time zone" Time and date will automatically set by the network when the phone (wireless mode) is turned on and in coverage.

    These are options you can enable or disable. I always have them turned on.

    On my last trip to D.C. I remember it did switch to eastern when I turned on the phone in D.C, then switched back when I returned to San Francisco.
    Even just now I forced the time zone to eastern, the clock changed 3 hours. I turned off, then back on the phone and when it registered with the network it switched back to pacific and the correct time.

    There is an alarm clock. It has 3 alarms that you can enable/disable and sset days and times for each.

    I'll see if I can post a few screen shots later.
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    Love the 8800 and love the Treo. The Blackberry is definitely simpler to use and is simpler. I find the alarm on the Blackberry to be superior to the Treo, unless you use third party software. The built-in Windows Mobile alarm on the Treo is a joke.
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    Ok, so I am on this TestDrive with Verizon and ended up trying out the 700wx. My plans is to return the phone, if I like it, and start service with Cingular with the 750.

    Seems to be a very nice, solid phone. I'm sure the difference between the 700 and the 750 is minimal.

    Is there a way to modify the service light (the blinking green LED) for certain events? (like on the BB, it will flash red, if you have a waiting SMS).
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    I would tell you to return the WX and wait until August when Verizon and/or Spring release thier version of the 750.
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    Will it be released in the spring of next year or August? I'm confused by your last post.

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