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    At home I have a Panasonic cordless phone/answer machine with caller ID combo which has the page/alert feature. When someone calls home and leaves a message, the Panasonic dials my pager number and leaves the caller's phone number on my pager. Now I have a Treo 700w. Now, when someone calls home, the Pansonic dials my Treo phone number and the Treo displays my home phone number (since the Treo has caller ID) instead of the person who called. Anyone have a similar type setup that works? Or, any ideas?
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    I dont have a similiar system, but if you had vonage then the voicemails would be emailed to you, and it would list the phone number. Or you could forward your vonage home phone to your cell in case of failure, and unplug your vonage router when you leave the house
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    The only thing I could think of is to forward your calls to your cellphone.
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