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    ok....700w verizon user...i previously owned a lg vx8300 and could have 7 pages of 160 charecter texts...why cant i go over 160 charecters with this?? its sooo annoyin..thanks in advance..
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    I don't know what you mean by 7 pages, but 160 characters is the limit for sms text messaging, no matter what wireless provider you have. hence the name..sms...short messaging service

    Oh, and it's spelled character
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    He is saying that with his old phone and alot of other phones it is very common to just type a text then when you go over 160 characters it will split the message into two, three, four messages. I think he is refering to 1 page as 1 text.

    No there is no way to use the current sms, that i know of and go over 160 characters. there might be third party sms apps that would let you do this but not sure. good luck.
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    Look into the "threaded sms hack"... all you need.

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