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    I am buying a used Treo 750 and will be meeting someone to take a look at his treo. I am totally noob to WM5 and PDA phones.. Is there anything I should make sure and check before accepting the offer....

    Please share you experience
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    Hmmm. Don't know what to tell you. Make sure it has a "Cingular" logo on it.
    If it's a "Vodafone" branded one then it should be unlocked and accept an AT&T/Cingular SIM but that's not garunteed.
    If that's the case, ask to put your SIM in and turn it on to make sure it'll work with your SIM. As long as it fires up and doesn't complain about your SIM, it'll work.

    Otherwise, I guess if the thing works, it works. When you buy it, do a "hard reset" (factory reset) and you'll be good to go. Definitely turn it on and just make sure the screen looks ok.
    Option+P (bottom left key with a white dot) +(P key) will pull up the brightness setting. Set the brightness to max so it's the most visibile (to see problems.)

    If it doesn't have a screen protector on it, get it at an angle so you can see a good reflection on the screen and see if there are scratches and scrapes on the screen. If it has a screen protector and he always used one, there should be little chance of a scratched screen.
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    Agrre with ^^^, and Ill add to look for dead pixels, check the overall "look" of the phone, make sure all the buttons work and display the characters that theyre supposed to display, make sure the speaker works, phone vibrates,rings. If I think of anything else, I'll post it. Good luck
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    You wont get windows mobile 6 i tell you that
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdelauz02 View Post
    You wont get windows mobile 6 i tell you that
    ?? Who's talking about WM6? What are you referring to?
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    Lightly press down on the touch screen a few times and make sure it's not depressed or loose or squeaking. I've dealt with used Treo's before with this problem.
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    When looking at 2nd hand WM devices I usually hard reset the device first to make sure I get that OOTB config [nothing added by the seller]. I do it face to face so I can see the device.
    Things to check:
    LCD and Touch Screen - responsiveness and dead pixels
    QWERTY keypad and dpad - make sure the keys work
    Call reception/quality - pop in a SIM and call it.
    Bluetooth/IR/WAN - try out all of this as well.
    Card slot - make sure it works
    Adapter - make sure the device charges.
    Camera - take a few shots
    Speakerphone - just test it
    Physical appearance - does it have dents? scratches? falls damage?
    Call Log - I also check this to see if the pitch was correct for example if he says it's been used 1 month but the call log has more than a month of airtime used then something is fishy right there.
    **basically check everything you would on a 'dumb phone' but add the LCD and touchscreen.
    Checking for dead pixels I find that using a coloured theme makes it easier to spot dead pixels I usually remove all Today Plugins. Then inspect the screen, tilting the device at an angle will show dead pixels easier.
    Finally you are the buyer, you are the customer. Take your time and check anything and everything you want. Ask questions. Don't rush things. If it takes 2 meets to finalize everything so be it. Meet in crowded public places like a burger joint or a Starbucks. If you are unfamiliar with the area bring a friend.
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