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    I have a new 755p and it hasn't been out long enough to answer the question. So, 750 users, how well is the rubber paint holding up?

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    i have had mine for almost 7 months and i have had no problem with the paint. no scratches in the paint, only on the other plastic parts of the phone
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    I have had mine since the first day tey were released and it looks fantastic.
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    Thanks! That's a big help! I only wish the face was as scratch resistant as the body.
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    I've kept mine in a (extremely thin) rubber skin by smartphone experts. Mainly because I don't want to worry about placing it on abusive surfaces (like the steel center console in my old jeep) but because I was always afraid the rubberized paint would nick and wear. But from what everyone says here that's not a problem. Hmmm

    Well just today I gave it a nasty drop and I was glad it bounced from that oh-so-thin rubber rather than dent and scrape. So I guess I'll keep it in the skin a little longer for now.

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