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    Recently got a Treo 750 off eBay. Getting the unlock and GPRS working (basic $5.99 Tzones) was somewhat of a challenge, but I can't get the built-in email client to work.

    I set up GPRS under My Work Network.
    My access point is: WAP.VOICESTREAM.COM

    For my GPRS connection I have the following proxies:
    Secure WAP

    I set up a POP3 email address on My TMobile, but I can't get the Treo to retreive anything.

    E-mail Address:
    Mail Server (POP3):
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
    User ID: 3145557889:3
    Password: Password OK

    I would prefer to just access Earthlink's servers directly, but I'm thinking Tmobile is blocking that. Any help?
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