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    I had asked this a while back before you guys made all of your breakthroughs with the carrier line refreshing. Maybe now it has a definitive yes or no answer.

    Like many of you I use the feature that disables the touch screen while on a call so that I do not inadvertantly open other progams. Unfortunately the "Touchscreen Disabled" banner covers up the mute/unmute icon at the bottom of the Today/Phone screen. Sometimes I am on calls where I constantly mute and unmute...and sometimes I forget which state the mute is in. So I wanted to use the carrier line to display this status. I know you can change the carrier line via reg edits while not on a call, but during a call it displays "Call In Progress" and seems to ignore this reg change attempt to change the string. I think the refrshing may change this. Any ideas how to replace "Call in progress" with a string like "Mute on" and "Mute Off"?
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    not sure and I remember that other thread..wonder if it would be easier to throw up an icon in the top nav bar when mute is on...the icons in the top nav bar show up there based on active notifications, so you could potentially create/use one to show an icon up there when the phone is on mute..just a thought if changing the carrier line doesn't work..another option would be to replace the carrier line with zbop's billboard plugin, then you can write whatever you want there and have it change based on what the phone is doing...
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    Does anyone have a clue how to implement mine or scottymomo's scenario?
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    Quote Originally Posted by conekkted View Post
    Does anyone have a clue how to implement mine or scottymomo's scenario?
    Regarding your initial post, Sling and hannip are discussing the same problem over in the Led Alert/Reminder thread... you might want to check it out.

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