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    I was reading a Treo 750 Vs HTC 8525 comparison thread on HoFo [ Howard Forums ] and ran into the following post on Page 2 ..


    Quote Originally Posted by SymbianBlack
    really the treo 750 and the 8525 processor are almost the same mhz. The form factor of the treo is great for me but the screen resolution is smaller than the 8525... Also the version of windows on the 750 isnt "true" wm5/6 so alot of hacks wouldnt work right..... But if you dont care about that go for the treo. Also the 8525 has 3g and a2dp bluetooth. It also has a better camera. Blackberrys have no onboard support for word, excel, powerpoint editing and you will have to buy expensive programs to do so.

    Also the camera sucks. You also need an expensive data plan just to go web surfin on a blackberry device.... The webbrowser sucks also. Best bet allround 8525. Best bang for the buck out of the choices the treo.

    Original Thread:

    Is this true ?
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    Not really. Palm does have some tweaks applied to WM5, but I have never heard of this interfering with "hacks" (such as MortScript, etc.)
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    "Also the 8525 has 3g and a2dp bluetooth. "

    So does the 750
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    It is's just customized for better usage. In other words, its not a "vanilla" copy of WM5.
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    Palm ADDED TO, they didn't subtract from, WM5. So the statement is totally false. Some hacks will not work because you cannot override what Palm has added, but we are talking about very few tweaks anyway.
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    I tried an HTC 621 (Dash) for a while and can see why the Palm version is better on the Treo. On the 621, I could only delete one email at a time, and there was no method for clearing all my email (For example, on my Treo, I have an option, "Clear all Gmail") This alone was enough of a reason for me to forgo the 621.
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