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    Hello all, I'm new and frustrated. Got a Treo 700w and I think I have most of it set up correctly, and the email does work. However, I have it set to check for email every 15 minutes, thinking the phone would notify me if I've received anything. Once the phone goes into "standby" mode after a few minutes, it won't work. Once I bring the phone back up, it has a notice in messaging stating "cannot connect to network, check settings". If I manually hit send/receive it says Logging in for literally 3 minutes and then will send/receive messages. What am I doing wrong here?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Did you SEND any messages?

    In order to send, you need to use the smtp outgoing server from verizon. THis can take up to 48hrs. after activating your account, before it accepts outgoing mail properly. Even though the error may be in the outgoing side, you still get a send/receive error. Give it another day or so.

    Also make sure not to do a soft reset too soon after setting up your e-mail. I found if I wait about an hour afterwards before soft resetting, the settings will hold.
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    I did send messages, and I have my comcast account as outgoing and it works fine. I can send and receive messages fine, but not automatically. Anything??
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    wow.. I just posted an identicle problem... I am with ATT and having the same problem. I can send and recieve, but once idle that same message locks me up...


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