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    saw all posting about that but do not know how to do it.
    i just need a very simple program to off my phone at 2400 and on at 0830.
    i havw saw this ""
    but do not know how to do it.i am using a Eten X500 vm5. can someone pls sent me a cab file or teach me step by step how to program my X500.

    please advice thank u very much
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    Hi Hi 147, All newbies should start out with the Fun with MortScript thread. Download and install MortScript from the first post and download the manual also in the first post.

    Search for RunAt and RemoveAllNotifications then find an example for turning off the phone. I know vjay555 has a tool to turn off/on the phone. JD also has an example on how to use the wireless manager to turn off/on the phone.

    Check it out and if you have specific questions feel free to ask.

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