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    Quick question. I've had my treo 750 for a few weeks now and I constantly go into running programs and shut everything off but the phone listing. Today my phone was a little buggy, I ended a voicemail call and then placed another call to a buddy. When I looked at the screen to activate the dialpad it showed the other call to my voicemail still connected. The left soft key above the green phone button read swap. I ended the call and went back to the today screen and instead of reading email it still read swap. I got on a land line and called my phone trying to reset it and I answered the incoming call and it still showed my voicemail call being connected as well. So I turned the phone off and took the battery and sim card out for about a minute. I popped everything back in and got my email listing back and the voicemail call was disconnected but now when I look at running programs, it no longer lists phone as one of them. I have placed a call with the treo and called my treo to make sure everything was working and it is but just thought it was odd. Do you have phone listed as one of your running programs? If so, what exactly does that mean?
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    I used to see it all the time, with older aku's. Haven't seen it in a long time actually, and not sure if I EVER saw it on the 750. I always killed it when I saw it, it doesn't affect calls at all.
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    If you open the dial pad then go back to the today screen you will see it.
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    Ok, thanks. I had no idea what the heck it was for.
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    You will also see phone listed as running (even when no call is active) when you use certain task switchers like AE Button Plus, Small Menu Plus and some others. I think it is just one of those flukey programming things. I have never seen it negatively effect anything on my 750.
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