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    I've connected my Treo 750V to my laptop to use as a 3G Modem.

    I also use SPB GPRS Monitor.

    When browsing the net using the Treo itself, SPB Monitor works great, but when attached to PC using PDANet (as a modem) - SPB ignores the data.

    As I'm on a limited data plan, it'd be nice to know how much I'm using.

    Searching about I haven't come across anything that'll monitor all types of connections.

    Have you guys any ideas please?
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    Treo Pro on Vodafone UK X 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichChestmat View Post
    Thanks for the reply,

    I'd already tried this, unfortunately it doesn't support what I'm looking for. It specifically states this in the last FAQ!
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    Doesn't Windows do this automatically, if you click the network icon in the taskbar?

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