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    I recently bought a Spectec SDW 822 SDIO WLAN card for my Treo 750. After using the driver from the Spectec web site I was able to get the damn thing to recognize the card. Having installed it I find that internet access is very slow via this card. Investigating further with a sniffer I believe I have found a problem with the DNS requests out from my Treo.

    No. Source Destination Protocol Info
    80 DNS Standard query AAAA

    The Query TYPE is AAAA which is wrong. It should be just 'A'.

    Queries type AAAA, class IN
    Type: AAAA (IPv6 address)
    Class: IN (0x0001)

    I am not sure why it is using an IPV6 type. I am not sure if this is a problem with the card driver or Windows mobile 5.0.

    Does anybody have the same problem and if so what is the solution?
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    Interesting. That is supposed to be the only SDIO Wifi card for the 750.

    I'm surprised to hear there is trouble using it. I thought it was a plug in play solution.

    I wonder if its because you are out of the US?
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    Install WM6 and see if the problem still persists.
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    I used my card in my 750 in Japan and had no problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nismoguy126 View Post
    Install WM6 and see if the problem still persists.
    Is there an official release yet?

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