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    Starting as a new thread; don't think it has anything to do with Vista.

    Installed AS 6.1, and got a USB connect once. It sync'd Outlook contacts, all looked normal. Now when launching AS from Treo, Treo says 'connected', but AS on the PC side says 'not connected.' When I push the button on the USB fob, I get the "birdie chirp", but noting changes on screen, and no connection.
    Mike Caldwell
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    Did another Treo hard reset, removed and reinstalled WMDC 6.1, rebooted, etc, and now working very nicely with USB. However, now no ability to BT connect. Sony says call Palm; Palm says call uSoft; uSoft says it is OEM installed, so call Sony......
    Mike Caldwell
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    Next step forward: now good with WMDC 6.1 / Active Sync with both BT and USB. But, can't get anywhere with DUN, USB or BT. Cingular tried valiently, finally yielded to Palm. The Palm "tech support" doesn't seem to even have a PC running Vista, so they keep giving me things to open / look at / click that don't exist with Vista. Originally said her documentation says Treo 750 will not do DUN with USB, and couldn't find a similar statement for BT so, what the heck, let's try it. On the phone with her now; been an hour.
    Mike Caldwell

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