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    I have a brand new Palm Treo 700WX from Sprint.
    I can text everyone...I can even send anyone an MMS message with a picture attached.
    Almost everyone can text me and almost everyone can send me a picture message to0 (utilizing picturemail).
    Why can't people with Nextel text me? Everyone with Nextel gets an error texting me. I have ever suggested telling them to put my 10 digit in as an email address but it will not allow them to type in the entire address.
    Is there a way to correct this? How can I receive texts from people on Nextel?
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    Does any of your friends Nextel phones have true SMS capability. My experience with some of the motorola handsets showed me that they didn't. Sometimes things get squirly with SMS if you have your number ported from another carier or with an ESN swap. I really believe it is a Porting issue if you have had your number ported, then you should contact Sprint so they can fix the issue.
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    I actually had my number ported from Nextel.
    All other carriers can text me, but my friends (about 5 of them) get messages returned when they text me from their Nextel phones.
    I have received hundreds (about 700/month) of texts from everyone else but 0 from Nextel. I have also received numerous picturemails without any problems and have successfully sent many MMS messages (with pictures). I can send to everyone...even my friends with Nextel get my messages (both SMS and MMS) but they cannot reply or send a new message to me.

    Does it still sound like a porting issue? What should I ask or say when I call customer service? I assume I should just call *2 and try to get tech support. Any idea how I can get someone that should be able to actually help me?
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    A good possiblility...especially since you ported your number from Nextel. I would chenck into it. I know one person I use to work with the ported from Nextel to Sprint and had a simular issue.
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    Its got to be a porting issue. Luckily, Sprint & Nextel are merged so it will be a lot easier to track down the issue.
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    When I ported to Sprint from Nextel a few years back this happened to me as well. I'm not sure how long ago you ported over but my issues went away after 24 hours on their own.
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    No...I wish but it has been almost a month since I made the switch.

    Any suggestions on getting someone from customer service to know what I am talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lava96 View Post
    No...I wish but it has been almost a month since I made the switch.

    Any suggestions on getting someone from customer service to know what I am talking about?
    Talk to tech support(TS), not CS. And if you don't get help there, go to your nearest Sprint/Nextel dealer, not a Kiosk like at Radio Shack.
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    I called *2 today and asked for technical support. The person I spoke with was fairly helpful. He could not tell what the problem was but he looked to make sure everything was provisioned correctly, which he said it was. He then decided to put in a ticket to have the engineers look into the problem. I was on the phone at 9 am today and as of now I haven't heard anything. I was told that they have 36 hours to open the ticket and give me a call. Any other suggestions?
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    So much for the 36 hours. They told me someone would call me within 36 hours and now it's been over 2 days with still no call. I guess I should have expected this.

    Is there anyone out there that CAN receive text messages on their Sprint 700wx from anyone on Nextel?

    Is this just me having this problem?

    Does anyone have Nextel that can try to text me and see if you can figure out what is wrong based on the error you will receive?
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    I get texts all the time from nextel people. I'd call back and give em hell... but be nice about it... :-D

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