Hi there. I'm a Yank with an unlocked Vodafone Treo 750 living in Aussie. I've been running with an NZ P-A-Y-G sim for several months just for data, but I broke down yesterday and bought a '3' Network sim which I WAS TOLD would also give me access to their 3G data net. Which is what I wanted. I also bought a $30 credit.

Previously I could check my email with my NZ sim. Now, I can 'see' 3's UMTS network but can't access it. I checked out the 3 support website and tried configuring my phone according to their specs. Nada.

Today I called customer care in India and the nice lady there tried to walk me through setting up and email account. When I explained that I couldn't even get on their net, she put me on hold and told me that 3 PAYG sims don't support their 3G net. Never mind the guy in the shop AND the documentation that came with the sim both indicate otherwise.

If there is anyone who can help me configure my network access AND my SMS access I would appreciate it. Many thanks,