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    There's already a thread about Opera Mini 4 here in the Palm OS Apps forum:
    But I'm starting a thread here to discuss issues and compatibility with Windows Mobile Treos.

    I have it working pretty well using IBM Websphere MIDP2 Java Midlet
    ( )

    One tip. They talk about scrolling using the number keys and using the "1" key for a quick menu. You do need to double click the 'option' key to do a numlock in order to use this.
    Also with IBM Midp, the Q and P keys act as the soft keys on the screen, but to use them you do have to undo the num-lock.

    I haven't tried it on Residoro's yet.
    No locking up, but it have had it just crash and exit a few times while panning around the screen (left/right.)
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    Figured out my problem (older version 2.2 of the IBM MIDP2 was it)...really needs a full screen option so we can get rid of the top and bottom WM bars, otherwise it feels really cramped...not sure I can get used to having to scroll to different parts of a full page, zoom in/out..just seems like it takes longer to accomplish what one typically does on a smartphone browser but will continue to check it out...
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    I find the classic "fit to width" mode still works the best and it's improved in this version. But with some pages it's hard to figure things out. So the full desktop (pan zoom in/out) mode seems like it'll really come in handy for certain sites.
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    How do you get it installed? It seems you can only download the beta directly to the device itself and in PIEPlus clicking the Download Now link just downloads a mini.jad which I can do nothing with.

    I was able to install and run version 3 using the java engine described above so I think I just need to get at the jar file really.
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