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    Hey everyone,
    I know you all might have heard this before, but I have searched the forums and I can't find the answer to make it work. I have the treo 700wx with sprint. I can't send pic's through text messages. For example, when I go to start>pictures & videos> I click on a picture and then click send, it shows I can send it through any of my e-mail accounts set up, but the text message line is gray and won't let me select it. now I have tried installing the ppcgeeks patch that I saw online, and all it did was just add another line to click on, not letting me actually have the text message selectable. Is there a way to download a patch or so and fix it, or is this something I more likely have to take into sprint to have them fix. Thanks for the help.
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    You don't send it as a text message. You can either send it through your email account or as a new MMS message (which is what the ppcgeeks patch should add).
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    I can't? Shoot, I am fairly new to the treo, I am coming from the samsung a900 with sprint, where i just select a picture and can text it to whoever. I just assumed this would do the same. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it
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    You can still text it to whoever. If you click send, then do New MMS, then on the next screen you can put in a phone number or an email address. or you can click on the <To:....> and it'll open up your contacts to select from.

    So how you get there is a little different, but it does the same thing as your A900 would. It will send the picture through picturemail.

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