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    I tried searching for this, figuring it must have been asked before. Either I am using the wrong search terms or I just need to be sent to some forum rehab.

    The question is, if you have 2 batteries, is it safe to have the treo connected to wall power and change the battery in a hot swap so you don't have to go through a soft reset?

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    Is it safe I don't know, but I did fairly frequently without issues.

    I can't see why it would not be safe though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin17 View Post
    Is it safe I don't know, but I did fairly frequently without issues.

    I can't see why it would not be safe though.
    Does the phone reset?

    Some phones use the battery only to operate, and the charger only affects the battery. Terrible explanation, I know, but you can figure out what I mean
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    I've had strange problems doing this including freezes and seeming registry corruptions as a result. I've stopped doing it since.
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    Thanks so far.

    In summary we have got no one for sure knowing if it is safe or a smart thing to do. 1 person who does it without problem and 1 person who did it and had freezes so stopped. Anymore experience or definitive answers?

    I do it on my laptop all the time, but for some reason felt more nervous about doing it with my treo.
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    Do it all the time and no problems. Have been doing it on all my Treo's that had swappable batteries for your specific reason, so not to have to go through resets.
    One thing I can tell you though, is that the treo wont let you run just off the charger, without the battery inside. So once you take that dead battery out be ready to get the next one in or you'll get the "Battery is 0% shutting down in 30 seconds" countdown.
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    I have a 700p and 2 batteries because I still have the one from my 650. One day my battery was low so I decided to swap out the battery with the 650 which was at 100%. I wasn't sure if I could do it so I tried to do it real fast like that would make a difference. Everything went fine. More recently I tried doing it again and my phone preference file got all messed up, many applications seemed to lose their keys and so I ended up restoring my 700p from the pc via hot sync. Luckily I had done a recent back up. Not sure if this falls under "registry corruption" that Stozman had but I can tell you I am not doing it again.

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