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    I am trying to access my bank web page from my Treo 700W using PIE and I am not able to access some of the functions of the site.

    I remember reading about a browser that allows you to view web pages just as you would from a desk top. I have searched but can not seem to find the post.

    Can someone either direct me to that post or tell me which browser would work for me???

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!
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    I have gotten my bank to accept the IE6.0 setting that PIEPlus V2.2 allows you to select, where it would never let me in with just PIE. This is a great add-on to PIE
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    Thanks weth but it did not work.

    Anyone else???
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    Just making sure you went into setting and changed the IE6.0 setting, then go to running programs, close PIEPlus, and reopen it. The changes do not take effect until you restart. My first time I didn't think it worked either, but after making the above change, the bank screen opened without balking or warning.
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    Not sure I know what setting you are talking about.

    I downloaded the software and have the new browser. I am still not able to use the tabs that are on the site. What specific settings do I have to change?

    I remember another post about another browser that allowed you to view sites just as they you would from a desktop. This was fairly recent but I can not find the post.

    If there is a setting I am missing to allow me to use the links or tabs on the page let me know.

    Thanks for all your help.
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    Open PIEPlus
    Press the Blue + icon on the bottom tool bar
    Select Tools
    Selection Options Plus
    Change the first setting from PIE (default) to IE 6.0 (it is a drop down list)
    Press OK

    Now to really close PIEPlus
    Press and hold the OK button (the real button, not a screen button)
    Running Programs List will come up
    Close PIEPlus - it will have the name of whatever web page you were last on

    Now go to START menu and restart PIEPlus

    Now try to login to the bank
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