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    As I assume many people do, I have several email addresses. I currently host my email with an Exchange hosting provider where all my email gets sent to a single email box. This works quite well as all my email gets synced to the Inbox of my 700wx. The problem becomes when I want to send email from the 700wx. There is no way, that I am aware of, in Pocket Outlook to send email from different email accounts.

    I have used third party programs such as FlexMail, but in order to send email from different accounts, you need to setup a new account for every email you want to send from. This seems very bloated to me as I already have my email come into one Inbox and have no need for separate Inboxes for each email.

    The way that Mozilla Thunderbird handles multiple identities is excellent. It allows you to setup as many identities as you need and you just choose the identity you wish to use when sending out email.

    Someone previously posted information on a PPC 2003 program that handled this issue called SMTP Manager but it was only for PPC 2003 and does not work in Windows Mobile 5.

    Has anyone figured out a solution to this problem? I can't be the only one looking for a solution to this problem. What have you used to solve this issue? Thanks!

    - dtg
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    I have the same question. Thanks for posting. Although I don't think there is a solution which puzzles me because every desktop email application has this functionality. What gives.
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    I have 3 email accounts my main through exchange & email2 & email3.

    email2 & email3 are setup as pop3 accounts that do not ever check mail, when they do, its only 1 day, 1K size, (small).

    When I need to reply from Email 2, I just copy & paste the email from exchange into Email 2, then send away.

    It is clumsy & I wish you could do two exchange (or more) accounts, or that you could have something not so clunky.
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    I use a similar setup Rich. I can use FlexMail to send out email from other accounts, however, for each identity that I want to send email from, I need to create a seperate IMAP or POP3 account in FlexMail. Each of these accounts contain their own Inbox, Sent Items, Recycle Bin, etc... It's kind of a kludgey work around. Perhaps FlexMail will be updated to support identities in the future.

    This is the only thing that is holding me back from going 100% with the Treo. With the Blackberry there was a free add-on called BBReply that provided the ability to choose an account to send email from.
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    That sounds similar to the Sidekicks reply functionality plus the ability to BCC every email sent out from the device.

    The reply from multiple addresses is the big issue. Its not graceful at all.

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