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    Am trying to "clean-up" my "Programs" screen on my 750. I have links on my Today screen to my most commonly used programs thanks to Spb Plus, but still want to get to some other programs quickly and so use the "start"--"programs" route. Downside is, there is now alot of "junk" in there under "Programs": Cab installers, utility programs, etc. Is there a way, like in Palm OS, to "hide" or "categorize" these programs? Would love to have just "medical" programs, then "utilities", etc.
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    I know on WM5 Smartphones like the Blackjack there was a way to put them in the order that you wanted them in and you could remove some too. It was a reg edit, I will have to try and remember it and see if it would work on the Treo too.

    If you have a lot of 'junk' there that you installed after you purchased the phone, you can go into activesyun into Start Menu > Programs and create a new folder called 'Junk' & drag in everything that didn't come with the phone that you don't want to see. It will be moved into that new folder. This could help get rid of SOME of the extra stuff you don't want.
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    You can create folders and shortcuts just like you do in Windows. Using File Explorer or Total Commander, you simply create a new folder, name it (make sure it's nested under \windows\start menu\programs). Then find the .exe file you want and make a new shortcut. You can name the shortcuts anything you want. They will appear alphabetically in the new folder. If you want to "get rid of junk", just delete the shortcut using the file explorer. If they are part of the WM5 OS, they will return if you do a hard reset only.
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    One of the greatest things I have ever done in regards to your situation was spend $10 on Small Menu Plus (available at Handango dot com and many other sites). It allows you to totally reconfigure/customize your Start Menu just like on Windows XP or Vista.
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    like insidr said, file explorer or total commander is your best bet, personally i would use resco file explorer instead of the standard file explorer, only because it can view system files, etc. but they both can do the same thing...
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    Great tips! Thanks everyone!

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