As I continue to battle with the inequities of the Verizon 700W I ponder whether or not the rumors of the 800W arriving in Verizon retail outlets mid September are really true. I also wonder whether or not they will once again disable the GPS functionality, just like they recently did on the BB8300 World phone, while Sprint continues to enjoy this feature with the exact same model.
More and more the new Samsung SCH-i760 is harkening me away from Palm, especially if they arrive early next month in stores! The specs are impressive, even up against the new HTC6800 that should be hitting shelves about the same time. The desgin is INNOVATIVE, something that seems far far away in the Palm domain.
The slider deign makes me apprehensive, yet the size specifications and numerous internet reviews seem promising. Outside numeric keypad seems a nifty alternative to fully exposed QWERTY. I think I can deal with the microSD.
Am I the only one that is tempted here? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
I'm just DYING to get a new smartphone, I really feel like I got a Beta model and it wears on me every day.