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    I'm about to leave my 700wx for either a 680 0r 750 running Good. I've used Good before, last on a 650.

    Any users here care to share their 750 + Good experience?

    I'd be greatly appreciated.
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    You might want to try over here as well:

    There are some known issues with Good messaging with the buttons and the Today screen contacts on the 750...
    I use it on my 750 for corporate email and being my first experience with Good I have no major complaints - most of the minor issues I have are covered in depth in the Good section of this forum.
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    This being just a general post or gripe concerning Good.
    I used it on my 600 and hated the way it took over the phone in regards to personal vs corporate contacts and calendar. There was a work around though, that made it usable. It acted the same way on my 750 but no workaround was available. Got rid of it for Exchange. I was then the corpoarate guenia pig. Now Corporate is getting rid of it all together for either Exchange or BB.
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    Quite honestly it depend on how else you want to use your 680/750. If email/calendar synching is by far your #1 priority then Good works well enough that it is one of the better solutions out there. But if you also want a reliable phone as well as using other converged possibilities like GPS, multimedia, contacts, speed dial and other 3rd party applications then I suggest you steer clear of Good. Once it is loaded on your device it essentially corrupts many other aspects of your device. It kills battery and performance significantly and even keeps some basic functionailty from working. Head on over to the Goodlink forums and read for yourself so you can make an informed decision before spending a lot on Goodlink.
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    Good has performed solidly on my Treo 750. I run Sling, TomTom 6 and a couple of other register editing programs. Good plays well with all of them. Just make sure you've got the latest version.

    Good Luck. Pun intended

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