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    How can I force an app or two to NOT close on WM? I saw a freeware task manager that forces ActiveSync to stay alive. Right now, when memory runs low, the OS chooses a set of running apps to shut down. I'd like to leave my mail app and browser open all the time, and have the OS shut something else down when it needs to.

    If I understand correctly, when FlexMail (my mail app) is closed, the IMAP IDLE feature will no longer work. Similarly, if OperaMini (my browser) is forced to shut down, I have to wait through the welcome to Opera screen when it reinitializes. Any thoughts?
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    ooo...I wanna say yes: I know there is a hack to lower the memory threshold for shutting down apps by default in WM.

    As to the priority question that I'm not sure but I want to think that there is something that can be done...

    Unfortunately I can't provide more than that though!

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    VGSMail provides IMAP IDLE with the built-in Outlook, should save you some serious memory:

    Fix for low memory threshold: very important as mal said. It stopped my Opera Mini from closing on my Moto Q which only had about 25MB free after a reboot:

    Suggestion, Use Magic Button: It shows you which apps are open on your task bar next to the Start Menu. When I see more than 4 up there, I start closing. I too like to keep my Outlook open always, so you can set certain apps to not take space up there unless they're active.

    (thx Mal for the image)
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    TomTom never shuts down. So it IS doable, at least on an app-by-app basis.
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