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    Greetings! I'm a long time lurker but a first time poster. I wish I was posting for a better reason than to ask for help, but that's how it is sometimes.

    I've owned a 700w for about four months now and am currently on my second replacement from Verizon due to a recurring issue. Basically, someone calls me, I see the call coming in, but am unable to answer it. The Answer softkey doesn't work nor does the green phone button. Data works fine though, I can send and receive email with no issues. The phone is generally in EV-DO though it does sometimes drop into 1x at points throughout the day. However, when the problem happens I'm in EV-DO. I have to do a soft reset in order to use the phone as, well, a phone.

    The last VZW tech I spoke with said if the problem happened again I could move to a different device with managerial approval. They also gave me no idication as to what could be happening, their solution seems to be just throwing hardware at the problem. As for a different phone, I'm not sure at this point that a 700wx would be better in this regard over a 700w, except for it having more memory. And VZW doesn't offer a 750 yet.

    Has anyone else here had this problem, or can you offer some advice as to how to deal with this?
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    When you say you are "unable to answer it". What exactly happens? Nothing? Do you get a missed call alert? Is it shown as a missed call in the call log?

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    I see the call coming in, the answer and ignore softkeys show up, but neither one works. Pressing Answer or the green talk button don't allow me to pick the call up. The call does show up as a missed call, both onscreen and in the call log.
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    problem of answering happens on my vzw 700wx, though I can typically place a call straight afterwards. wish I could pick up those calls though.. very annoying

    never happened on my Sprint 700wx that I can remember.
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    Happens to me on my treo 700 as well (verizon). I've seen other posts about this elsewhere. I've found that it doesn't seem to happen if you hold the answer button down a second or two when answering.
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    I am having the same exact issue with the 700wx which is only 2 weeks old. I'f I reset the phone after each call, it doesn't happen. It a real pain in the .

    I am currently waiting on a replacement phone (700wx) from Verizon. The Verizon tech told me:

    1. That they show/have no known complaints about this issue.
    2. He feels it's a s/w issue and the newer 700wx (recently produced) should not have the same problem.

    Sound like horse $*&^! to me.

    I'll keep you posted.
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    This may not be just a 700wx issue. I believe it's a Windows Mobile matter. I just had got a 700wx as a replacement for an xv6700. This was my 6th swap of the device (5th for my assistant.) The persistent inability to answer calls with the last two units finally took me over the edge. In my 3days of use so far with the 700wx, I've not had this problem.

    Longtime lurker also. (I've posted only a couple times before.)
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    Is anyone running any large caller id programs? I was using contact pro which produces a large caller id picture and had the same problem. Once I removed the program I didn't have anymore problems. Forgive me but I can't remember which pocket pc was doing this though.
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    The only major application I'm running is Goodlink, which I have to use for my corporate email/calendar services. However, the 700w is supported by Good for the moment; their latest version doesn't support this phone, but I'm not running that version. Either way, Good worked when the problem was happening and the phone was in EV, so I should have been able to pick the call up. Obviously 1x would've been a different story, but even then I thought a phone call overrides data.
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    I spoke with VZW tech support about this a couple of nights ago after experiencing other issues with the phone. They're checking the network in my area to see if there's anything wrong with it. Both techs I spoke with (voice and data) didn't think that was likely, but it does narrow the issue down. Additionally, neither had heard of the issue before (surprising, I know ).

    So, the possible outcomes are 1) there's a problem with the network, or 2) there's a problem with my phone. If it's #1, then they can fix it. If it's not, I've pretty much had it with this phone. Maybe the wx would be better, or even the XV6700. Any thoughts?
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    I have a 700w with the latest Goodlink client installed and have those issues as well. The 700w runs great until Goodlink is installed and then it becomes problematic. I did a hard reset and it ran perfecty for several days with 10MB+free program memory. I installed Goodlink and the memory dropped to around 6MB free program memory and then slowly declined to around 2MB before i ended up soft resetting it during the day. Thats the way my device functions day to day. It seems the 700w becomes really unstable around 2MB. I think Goodlink has a memory leak or is just poorly engineered. I had similar issues with a Motorola Q and replaced it thinking it was the phone when it was likely the Goodlink client.

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