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    Right, hopefully someone can help us out here. Have BBConnect installed on desktop and Treo 750, connecting successfully to our corporate BES.
    Problem is:
    I suspend the service on my phone while in work (no need to get mails on device and desktop)
    During the day I will delete most of my mails on my desktop
    In the evening I will re-enable the BB service on my Treo
    It then proceeds to download every single mail I received for that day (including deleted mails)
    After a few seconds, it removes them from the device

    Anyone know why it downloads deleted emails too? I checked the BES, and it holds on to all mails here until I restart the service on my treo.
    Hope someone can help
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    Im pretty sure thats just how bes works. Its holding since your not connected. As soon as you reconnect it re-directs emails as it should then it proceeds to sync message status afterwards.

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