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    I am getting a new Treo 750 next week after using the Palm OS for many years. I fel very uneasy about this.

    My main programs used on the Palm are Agendus, Monopoly, and a program called 'Woman' that is designed to track women's 'cycles' - it is a program that can be used for trying to getpregnant etc. This program is a huge part of my life as it allows me to plan holidays etc.

    Can I use Agendus on Windows Mobile? Can I get Monopoly for it?
    And is there any program out there for WM that is made specificlly to track women's cycles?

    I feel slightly ill at the thought of abandoning the Palm OS.

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    You will be pleased to know the same software is available from the same company for the Windows Mobile platform also.

    Like Palm, most software companies have become platform agnostic.
    Here's Woman Plus

    Here's Agendus

    Here's monopoly

    Unfortunately there is no guarantee these software will work well with the square screen on the Treo 750, but they all have trails, so its worth a try.

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    If you run across any of your Palm apps that don't have WM counterpart, you could try StyleTap ( It works with some Palm apps, but puts them at 160x160 since the current WM Treos don't support a 320x320 screen.
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    Thanks guys!

    I will get those three apps that you found for me because I don't think I could function very well without them (and lots of caffeine).

    And styletap looks like a fantastic app! I really want my 750 now if I can still use some of my fave Palm apps. I'd even pay that amount for it (although in AUD it's pretty exxy). It looks like something I could add to my 'can't live without' list.

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    I could use that app so I would know when to stay clear of my wife each and every month.
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