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    what is a good solution for getting blackberry style direct push email on my wx treo???
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    There are many Exchange hosting providers out there. I have found the average reasonable price to be around $10/month. Usually this also includes Direct Push functionality with your Windows Mobile device.

    Lots of folks have mentioned ( They have a free Exchange hosting account as long as you do not mind using their domain name. I have used ($10/month) and have been pleased.

    - dtg
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    I've been looking for something free and ran into these. But I haven't tried them yet

    Qore Functions

    Any thoughts on these?
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    I use mail2web and pay only 1.99/mo which allows me to use my own domain and have no ads. We had problems 2 months ago that were frustrating, but since then it has been rock solid.
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    If you want someone other than mail2web, 1and1 is good. They give you 1gb of Exchange 2003 hosted email for $6.99/mo. This gives you full access from Outloook, OWA, and mobile as well as a copy of the Outlook software.

    You can also use IMAP for push although I haven't done it with the 700wx (did it with the 700p previously). You can get it free or very cheap. For example, 1and1 sells a 1gb IMAP acct for $.99/mo ($12/yr) which is pretty cheap. The problem with IMAP is it only supports email push while Exchange hosting will sync your calendar, contacts, tasks and email over the air. IF you do go with IMAP, make sure they support IMAP Idle to ensure you get push email.
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    Qorefunctions PushEffect is just a 1 time cost of $20 (USD). I use it all the time. It's simple and reliable. The only requirements is that your email hosting site must have email forwarding and you should have an SMS/TXT messaging plan, preferably unlimited.
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    The flexmail / push solution is better than all the exchange solutions in my opinion.
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    I'm gonna agree with Stroths. I've used 1and1 for a while now, and have had great results. $6.00 a year for the domain registration and $7.00 a month for the Exchange account. And I've never experienced an outage since signing up with them.
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    For IMAP/IDLE accounts that do not allow forwarding (such as AOL) I recommend flexmail for push. Works very well now, and does HTML email to boot.

    For other email accts that allow forwarding I recommend the mail2web route (or any other free exchange host out there, most are already mentioned). Even if I didn't have an email account, I use mail2web for all of my contact/calendar syncing. That way I can hard reset on the road and fully restore my phone w/o a PC.

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