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    Let me start by saying Alltel has been absolutly wonderfull over the past few days. I've had my 700wx since December, and it's been fine. I've delt with the terrible reception and dropped calls until last wednesday when I just got fed up and called Alltel. Within 5 minutes of dialing the general 800 number I had a tech that was getting my info to ship me a replacement (refurb) phone. I was very pleased.

    Now, Monday I got my (refurb) new phone, and today finally noticed that it didn't vibrate. Not on calls, texts, emails, card insertion, not anything. I made sure I had my settings right, still nothing. So, I called the same support number. This time, the tech suggested I stop in my local store. I didn't like that idea, but decided I would give it a try. I stopped by my local store this afternoon and sat right down with a rep. She attempted to fix the problem, I even let her hard reset the phone. Result of it all, She set me up with a brand new Treo replacing my "new" refurb. On top of that, she noticed that I was paying too much on my plan saved me about $40 a month.

    That's the good news... As I drove home happy as I could be, I had my sprite backup restored, everything was working great on my NEW phone. I then got home, was getting out of my truck, when.... I DROPPED THE NEW TREO ON MY CARPORT FLOOR!!!! I can't remember the last time I felt such a wide range of emotions! Luckily, I caught it half way down to reduce the impact. I just have a few scuffs but no real damage.

    Long story short, cherish the things that are given to you!

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    Great post and I'm not trying to rip it apart.
    Why did they send you a referb that didn't work and why did you have to go in the store to pic up another device to find out your were paying to much?
    Everytime I call Sprint they check my plan to update/upgrade if needed.When it comes to the device swap Alltell should have sent you another device not sending you to there store....At least this is my experience with Sprint,Cingular,T-mobile..but hmm the alltell commercial is pretty convincing.
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    Well, I do see your point, but I have found cell customer service to be less than desirable. As far as asking me to go into the store, I initially did have a problem with that, but, if I hadn't gone in, I would have just gotten another refurb instead of the brand new phone.

    As far as the plan goes, I don't talk to Alltel very often, she may have been following protocol by checking my plan.

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