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    surely Im not the first thats jumped the gun when setting up my new 750! How can I get my treo "off my computer" because right now active sync wont recognize my devise!

    I appreciate the help on a stupid mistake!
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    You arent the only one it has happened to me as well and just like you I'm stumped Just thought I would let you know you arent alone as well as bump this up a few threads.
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    I remember seeing this problem before, try searching the 700wx forum, its been around longer and most issues are the same.

    Did you try opening up your device manager and deleting any devices that are in error/warning state? Or an "unknown USB device?"
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    Thanks, I did look on devise manager, but I didnt see the treo anywhere, Ive searched these forums but no luck yet, Ill keep trying!
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    ok, i have success...first i deleted the devise from active sync on my pc, then i deleted the pc connection from my treo (under active sync) did a restart on my pc, and soft reset on my treo; shut off my firewall (zone alarm) and bingo all is working now! hope this helps someone!

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