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    Here's yet-another ActiveSync question:

    Yesterday, I added a server to ActiveSync so that I can now sync up my coporate e-mail, Tasks and Calendar over the air. That works just fine. However.....

    Now, when I plug in my 750 to the cradle, it goes ahead and syncs up the other items (Contacts, Files, Notes, Favorites) with my laptop (also connected to the server through Outlook 2007), and then keeps trying to sync up with the Exchange Server until it fails. It does no damage, but it does cause the 750 to whine that it can't connect using the current network connection and gives me the little red exclamation point on the ActiveSync icon in the system tray.

    So, have I done something wrong in setting up the Exchange Server sync, or can someone clue me in on a way to keep ActiveSync from trying to sync up that server when plugged into the USB port?

    HotSync was so much easier......
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    The same thing happens to me here. I never bothered to fix it since I rarely sync with my computer.


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