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    I switched out my old 700w (2 years old) this past weekend because the earpiece and mouthpiece were shot.

    My new phone is not vibrating when the switch is set to off. I have checked all of the appropriate boxes under the notifications setting and I have turned up both the phone and PDA volumes, but still no luck.

    Can someone offer any other suggestions?
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    that happened to mine as well, i just had to bring it in to the sprint service center to be repaired my other option was the insurance replacement for 50 buck deposit. I beleive it has something to do with the top ringer switch. it pissed the hell out of me i would miss so many important calls on it when i didnt have the ringer on.
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    I figured it was probably a hardware issue. Guess I have to make another trip to the Verizon store this weekend.

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