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    I know lots of phones are now running the iphone emulator found here
    I just installed this on my 700wx and the launcher works fine somewhat but when i do the slider it shows the picture but it freezes and nothing else works on the phone and nothing moves I have to end up restarting. Can anyone running this on a WX tell me the details on if the slider even works and so fourth? thanks
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    it seems like it's designed for regular portrait devices... not square screens... says so in the FAQ... however the developer released the source, so maybe it's possible...
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    I tried it on my 6700, weeks ago, just to see. Meh.

    I prefer a WM interface. Without the rest of the hardware advantages, what's the point? (other than the eye candy factor)
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    why on earth someone would want to eliminate all the useful info/speed-dials/google bar/messages/appointment indicators from the treo and replace it with big dumb colorful buttons I will never understand. "Revolutionary".....more along the lines of "Uniquely Worthless".

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