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    My wife's IT department will not support her Treo 700wx, for them it's the crackberry or the highway. Does anyone know how to get a 700wx to sync with Lotus notes without using Outlook. (IT group removes Outlook from the PC instantly when it is detected)
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    try common times mnotes.
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    Search on "Lotus Notes". There are number of options besides mnotes (not my favorite since it modifies Notes items). My preference is and I've used it for a couple of years now. I haven't upgraded to the latest version of the beta because old version is working so nicely but I'm planning to do so. I understand that their are some nice bells and whistles.
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    I am using CommonTime. Our IT department got it and it is working well-have had it for about 5 weeks. Side note-has anyone heard about Blackberry Connect for the 700wx/Verizon?
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    dhtn, you are in a good situation since your IT department supports mnotes. When the app modifies a calendar entry adding the mNotes category, you won't have to explain it. Papuga's wife works in the kind of place as I do where they do not want to know you use anything but a Blackberry. Even VZW's Wirelesssync modifies the data but not as overtly as mNotes does.

    I'm also waiting for BB Connect as our IT department might support it.

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