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    Odd --- I posted this, but it's blank.

    My message was:

    I'm new to Windows Mobile after many many years as a Palm Treo user. One feature that I really miss is the Palm Favorites application.

    Does anyone know of something that emulates that on WM5? I'd really like something that wasn't memory resident but allowed you to mix IE Favorites, applications, and phone numbers.

    Thanks in advance.
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    here's what I do, to approximate the function of favorites:

    1. Customize the start menu
    2. Make sure you know that the last 7 used apps stay up at the top of the start menu.

    Customize the start menu:

    Rather than just leaving the default apps in the Start Menu, change the menu to include the things YOU will use most often. Do this by going to:
    Settings (just hit the 's' on the keyboard to go there)
    (personal tab) Menus
    change the menu contents around as you see fit

    Recently Used Apps
    Make sure you are aware that the apps you've recently used (as long as they're not in the Start Menu) will show up at the top of the Start Menu. I really like that.

    So - both those things working together can get you maybe close to how you used the Favorites app and buttons.
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    You can copy pie favorites to the program directory also under \windows\start menu\programs\ which will allow you to activate them via voice command for example.


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