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    I have recently upgraded phones to an AT&T branded Treo 750 and absolutely love it. However, I am having problems receiving phone calls. I searched the archives but could not find anyone with a similar problem. My problem is, I am not receiving phones calls, no voicemail, no missed calls. The only reason that I know that I have missed the call is because they are calling my home phone to get in contact. (I have never successfully received a phone call on this phone). I have adjusted the band selection to GSM only. Is this a problem with the phone or with my service? Please help. Thank you for your time and I appreciate the forums. What a great place.

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    Call ATT, sounds like an activation or provisioning problem.
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    I just got my Treo 750 on Friday and I had the same problem. I was upgrading from a Treo 650. I had to call AT&T/Cingular to have them fix the issue for me. For some reason the new 3G sim card was causing problems with my account on their end.

    Congrats on the new phone.
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    Thank you both for your comments. Will contact AT&T today.

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